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Sep 23 2008

awkward editing.

samples from my students writing:

“it was the time of night when the wind blew through the pom trees and made noises like an old front door squeeking open.” (JH’s descriptive essay… she also wrote me an 8 page story this weekend, for fun. I love her.)
“So he went down there and and saw his daughter. Her leg was cut off and she was split open.” (CG- the scariest day of my life narrative. he also told me his text to self connection from BTT was when his best friend in San Fransisco Nika was shot and died, so he knows just how Jess feels. I want to hug him every day.)

Yesterday was my first disposition, today was a 6 pink slip day. But honestly, I have some ideas that will make things better I think. It’s just finding time to get them together enough to implement.

idea 1. classroom management- BEANS 2.0 they need to physically see the beans they earn I think, and have it be a little more individual. So I think I will do a bag attached to their desk where I put in beans and the end of the week, they can exchange beans for privileges like writing in pen, sitting in my chair, moving their desk, two people could choose to move their desks together, a free homework pass, or things like that. I think that will make it a little more tangible.
idea 2. How to take care of V coming back 30 min early from math sped. Set up a station where he does chores for me, BUT he must take 1 AR test a week to keep this privilege. Otherwise the time has to be spent reading. Maybe with Ms. H

idea 3. homework tracking. Instead of turning it in and tracking it later, I should do it daily so I know better who is doing stuff. Starting next week, I will just daily check of the reading log and homework. I think it is functional.

that is all for tonight. I am so tired and need to finish sub plans, grading, and packing.

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